Zechariah 5-6 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Here we see more proof that “the Branch” is symbolic of a future ruler: “The Branch was to be of Zerubbabel’s (David’s) family, the kingly line (from the tribe of Judah). But here Joshua the priest (from the tribe of Levi) is crowned and is represented as the Branch, sitting on the throne of David (6:12–13). This would appear to represent a symbolic merging of the two offices of king and priest in the coming Messiah” (Halley’s Bible Handbook).

The ministry of Jesus Christ has long been described as the merging of three Old Testament offices: prophet, priest, and king. As prophet, He pronounces the end of sin; as priest, He offers Himself as the sacrifice for sin; and as king, He rules in such a way to destroy the power of sin in our lives!

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