Haggai 1-2 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Haggai is amazing because we can date it!

Dates of Haggai’s Prophecies (All in 520 BC)

1:1 – 1st day of 6th month (Aug. 29)

1:15 – 24th day of 6th month (Sept. 21)

2:1 – 21st day of 7th month (Oct. 17)

2:10 – 24th day of 9th month (Dec. 18)

2:20 – 24th day of 9th month (Dec. 18)

Haggai reminds that we shouldn’t expect God to bless us when we are disobedient! He also reminds us that holiness is personal – you can’t “catch” it from someone else!

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