NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“It’s a matter of trust!”
Genesis 3:1-8

I) Is it a serpent or ______________?

II) What is Satan’s role as seen in ______________?

III) Where does Satan __________ from?

IV) Satan’s _____________ deception

     A) Starts with a _______________

     B) Does ________ give him an opening?

     C) Uses an ______________

     D) ___________ what God said

V) How does _______________ work in our own lives?

     A) Starts as a ___________

     B) Continues with a _______________

     C) Marinates in the _________

     D) Concludes with ________________

     E) Can seem to have some ______________

     F) Will always have _____________________

VI) What is the ____________?

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