Amos 6-7 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Twice God allowed Amos to intervene for the people, but then he showed Amos how sinful the people were. He showed a plumb line against a leaning wall, and used that as the illustration that the nation was beyond hope. They were about to fall over! How could they be excused anymore?

Amos is a good example of a limited calling. God called him from his flock, gave him a message to deliver, and then presumably he went back to his sheep. He was not a professional ( 7:14)!

God calls all of us to love, worship and obey him. He gives us gifts and talents to use. That is our lifetime calling! Other jobs or ministries can be seasonal, or temporary, instead of permanent.

Have you been resisting doing something for God because you’re afraid of the commitment? Perhaps it’s something that he’s just calling you to do for a period of time, rather than forever. If you think of it like that, are you more willing to give it a try?

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