How Can I Live in the Spirit (Part 4)?
Living in Christian Community
Galatians 5:25-6:5

I) Assumption: Believers have the __________!

II) Question: How do we keep in ________ with the Spirit?

III) We stay in step with the Spirit by…

     A) Being ____________

     B) Getting ___________

     C) Being ___________

     D) Caring about _______________

          1) Not overlooking ___________

          2) But helping others _____________

          3) And realizing that we might be __________

          4) We are most like Jesus when we _________ one another

          5) __________ keeps us from love

     E) Engaging in self ________________

          1) We judge ourselves against the ____________

          2) Because we will have to give an ____________

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