Proverbs 10-13 (The Daily Walk Bible).

As we get into more proverbial sayings, it might be important to review Biblical genres. It’s important to understand what we are reading in order to interpret it correctly. Is it a parable? Is it a narrative? Is it an epistle? Is it an apocalypse? Is it history? Is it poetry? Is it a proverb? The answer to that question will give us a starting point in our understanding of the passage.

It’s important to view proverbs as probabilities rather than promises. What I mean by that is proverbs are sayings that are usually true, but not always. For example, “God rescues the godly from danger, but he lets the wicked fall into trouble.” Is that 100% true all of the time? No. Sometimes the wicked don’t fall into trouble, and God doesn’t always rescue the godly. But it reminds us that God watches out for his people and that those who don’t follow him are much more likely to end up in trouble. Even proverbs that seem to be true all the time aren’t necessarily. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true there is life and joy.” We generally do have joy when our dreams come true, but sometimes our dreams don’t turn out quite the way we expected.

So, I suggest looking at specific proverbs as the most likely scenario, rather than the always going to happen scenario. We may find then that our hearts are more content because our hope won’t be deferred by something we’re sure is going to happen!

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