How can I live in the Spirit? (Part 1)
Galatians 5:16-18

I) What is the role of the __________ in the Christian life?

     A) The Spirit enables us to ___________ in Jesus!

     B) The Spirit ___________ our relationship with God 

     C) We are _____________ into God’s family by the Spirit

     D) The Spirit provides ____________ for our new lives

     E) We become a part of the___________ through the Spirit

     F) The Spirit ____________ the Christian community

     G) The Spirit _____________ us to work together

II) Having the Spirit doesn’t mean we don’t _____________ to live for God

III) But we can be _________________ through the Spirit!

IV) How do we ___________ in the Spirit?

     A) There is a difference between being filled and being 
        __________ of the Holy Spirit

     B) We walk in the Spirit by giving the Spirit something to 
        __________ with!

     C) We walk in the Spirit by not engaging in ______________ 

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