Psalms 128-134 (The Daily Walk Bible).

We sometimes make a logical fallacy when reading the Old Testament. We want to believe that all the things that God said to Israel or to the Jewish people are 100% for us too. That’s one of the reasons the prosperity gospel people have such an easy time bilking people out of their money. “Support me and my ministry and God will bless you! See, it says it right there in the Old Testament!”

Did you notice how many times we read about Israel or Jerusalem in our passages today? Or how about David? We have to understand that, while there are principles we can learn, and our understanding of God can be enhanced, we can’t just completely transfer what was written for Israel and think that it fully applies to us. There is a difference between the Old Testament and the New!

Take the sacrificial system as the easiest example. We don’t do sacrifices anymore, because Jesus is the final sacrifice for sin. But the sacrifices can tell us something about the sacrifice of Jesus: the personal identification with the sacrifice, the sacrifice without blemish, the satisfaction of a debt that is owed. They tell us something, but if we were take them in isolation, without a proper understanding of the New Testament, they would tell us the wrong things.

So, when we read the Psalms the examples of how God helped Israel remind us of His care and protection. They teach us that we should trust Him with our lives. They teach us to worship and adore Him! They teach us to hope in Him. And, when we read about a descendant of David sitting on the throne, we understand that is referring to Jesus Christ! When we read about God offering forgiveness, we understand that forgiveness comes through Jesus Christ! And when we read about God not forsaking His people, we understand that it means we are eternally secure in Jesus Christ! Praise God!

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