“The Freedom to Love and Serve!”
Galatians 5:13-14

I) _________ doesn’t mean that we get to do whatever we want!

     A) Paul emphasizes ____________ again

     B) But he also gives a ____________

     C) We are still ____________, but our service takes on a 
        different form!

II) By ____________ one another we can now do what we couldn’t do before

     A) Jesus taught that there were two great _______________

     B) The _______________ is that no-one can keep them!

     C) We all stand _________________ before God

     D) Jesus _____________ the law by dying on the cross

     E) When we believe we are made __________!

     F) And Jesus becomes our ______________ for how to live

III) Paul indicates that conflict and criticism are destructive and ___________!

     A) Conflict has been a ____________ from the beginning

     B) Jesus warns that conflict and criticism start in the 

     C) So we need to work on ourselves to make sure that we 
        aren’t the ______________! 

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