Running the Race to Win!
Galatians 5:7-12

I) The Christian life is like a _______

II) In order to run well we have to have correct _________

     A) It was a characteristic of the early __________

     B) Wrong doctrine can lead you _________ from a correct 
        understanding of grace

     C) __________ teachers have been a problem for the last 2000 

III) Some will try to make us ___________ by their false doctrine

IV) Even the smallest bit of __________ can drastically affect us

V) If we stumble and fall away from the truth, it’s our own ________!

VI) Why doesn’t God keep us from ___________?

     A) God allows us to be __________

     B) He never allows us to be tested more than we can ________

     C) He has a definite ___________ in mind for us when we are 

VII) Some will accuse of ___________ (hypocrisy). Do your best to make sure they aren’t right!

VIII) Those who try to interfere with our race deserve to be _________________

IX) Paul assumes that any issues will be _______________ for true believers

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