Psalms 67-72 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Psalm 72 is one of two Psalms identified as being written by Solomon. In it he asks for the king (himself!) to be blessed by God, but not just for riches and long life. He wants to defend the poor, be a righteous judge, and rescue the oppressed. Solomon’s hope was that this would be a worldwide reign (“may all the nations be blessed through him” – 72:17). In response, the people were to bless the Lord God who alone does wonderful things! Solomon achieved much in his lifetime, but fell short of a worldwide reign of justice and righteousness. But his Psalm becomes a prediction of the coming righteous and magnificent reign of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

There are many Messianic references in this section, particularly in Psalm 69!

Psalm 68:18 is quoted in Ephesians 4:8.

Psalm 69:4 is quoted in John 15:25.

Psalm 69:9 is quoted in John 2:17 and Romans 15:3.

Psalm 69:21 is quoted in Matthew 27:34 and John 19:28-29.

Psalm 69:22-23 is quoted in Romans 11:9-10.

Psalm 69:25 is quoted in Acts 1:20.

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