The Danger of Legalism
Galatians 5:1-6

I) What is ____________________?

II) What is the ____________ with circumcision?

     A) Nothing, if you are already a _________!

     B) The problem is, if you are doing it now, and you think 
        that it will contribute to your _______________

          1) You are ____________ Christ’s power to deal with sin

          2) You are trusting in ___________

          3) You are taking on the ___________ of the law

III) What does keeping the ___________ law entail?

     A) ____________

     B) ____________

     C) ____________

IV) What is the __________ of living this way?

     A) Living with __________

     B) Living with _________

     C) Living in _________

     D) Because you lose a Biblical understanding of __________

V) Is this possible outside of a ___________ context?

VI) How are we supposed to live lives of _________?

     A) In _________

     B) Relying on the Holy ____________

     C) Waiting with expectant _________

     D) And it doesn’t _________ who we are or where we come 
        from.  All that matters is Jesus Christ!

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