Grace Brings us Home!
Galatians 4:21-5:1

I) We see the importance of retaining what we’ve been __________

II) There is an Old Testament foundation for ____________

III) There can be a deeper meaning in some Scripture passages

     A) Paul says he is presenting an _____________

          Allegory needs to be a ___________ reading out not a 
          fanciful reading in

     B) Paul’s allegory comes from ____________ itself, which is 
        the safest way to figure it out!

     C) Paul is using Isaiah 54:1 (under the inspiration of the 
        Holy Spirit), to reveal an important ____________

IV) There is a massive difference between law and ___________

     A) The Old Testament _____________

          1) Abraham was called by God with a promise to make him 
             a great ___________

          2) Abraham began to ___________ how this was going to 

          3) _____________ and Abraham decide to take matters 
             into their own hands

          4) God rebukes them and reiterates that Sarah’s son 
             will be his __________

     B) The New Testament _______________

V) ____________ makes us residents of the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem 

     A) _______________ was looking for that city

     B) All the Old Testament __________ were looking for that 

     C) We are ___________ residents of that city!

     D) We will be __________ residents of that city!

     E) And all our trials and problems will be _________ once we 
        reside there!

VI) Relying on the law means that your ____________ is gone (and maybe your new home)

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