Leading in Love
Galatians 4:12-20

I) We recognize Paul’s ongoing _________ for the church

II) Paul reminds the Galatians (again!) that Jesus is ____________

III) Paul also reminds them of their ________ for him

     A) Paul came to them in _____________

     B) It was a _________ to them

     C) But they didn’t ________ him!

     D) They received him with _______!

     E) Shows that the ________ was at work

IV) Paul encourages them to ___________ the false teachers

     A) Paul wonders if they will choose the _________ teaching 
        over his teaching

     B) Paul points out that the false teacher have wrong 

V) Paul reminds them that ________ is important, but that it needs to be for God/grace!

     A) ___________ for God is the greatest commandment

     B) And without ____________ we couldn’t know God!

     C) Paul wants them to remain ____________ even when he’s not 

VI) Leading in love does require _________________!

VII) Leading in love requires ____________

VIII) Leading in love requires us to be honest about the _______________ in our lives

     A) Our _____________ in the face of suffering points others 
        to the power of God within us

     B) ____________ in our lives help us to rely on God’s power, 
        not our power

     C) By getting through our suffering, we can ______ others 
        who are going through suffering

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