Nehemiah 11-13 (The Daily Walk Bible).

Normally I try to do my devotions the evening before, so that I can schedule my post to go up at midnight for the day of. I’ve been fairly successful at that, but every now and then there is a day. A day of sickness. A day of business. A day of tiredness. Yesterday was one of those days, and here I am 12 hours late by my reckoning, reading through the passage.

I say that to say this: Be gentle with yourself. There are reflection days for a reason. You can catch up! Which can be important, especially with work, and kids, and life. And if you’re a lot behind, don’t sweat it. There are different ways you can read the Bible. You can read very large sections at a time, and that can help you understand the ebb and flow of the story. Or you can read smaller sections, just a few chapters at a time, and you can think more about the individual events. The devotional can help us understand and apply the Bible to our lives, but sometimes the suggested activities themselves can be overwhelming. Here’s my recommendation: read the Bible! Keep up if you can, but don’t “cram” to catch up. Spend time thinking about the passage. Mull it over during the day. And if you can do some of the additional suggested application, great! If not, you’re at least putting the good stuff in you heart and your mind, and the Holy Spirit will use that to transform you into the image of Jesus Christ.

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