The Nature of the Law
Galatians 3:19-25

I) Why then the _________?

     A) The law could not give us the _________ (3:1-5)

     B) The law could not make someone ______________ (3:6-9)

     C) The law could only ___________ (3:10-12)

     D) The law did not ____________ the promise (3:15-18)

II) The law reveals our ________________

III) The law is _______________

IV) The law is ________________ to the promise

V) The law doesn’t bring __________

VI) The law can’t bring ________________

VII) The law is a ___________ until we mature

VIII) The law has a new __________ in the lives of believers

     A) Does the _______ have any place at all?

     B) The law reveals _______

     C) The law serves as a __________

     D) But we now live under the law of Christ, led by 
        the Spirit, which holds us to a ________ standard

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