Reflection Day!

Our devotional encourages us to look at 1 Chronicles 16 and consider it’s relationship to the book of Psalms. There are actually Psalms in several places outside of the book of Psalms, and we’ve read many of them already: Exodus 15:1-21, Deuteronomy 32:1-43, Judges 5, 1 Samuel 2:1-20, 2 Samuel 22, Isaiah 38:9-20, Jonah 2:3-10, Habakkuk 3, Daniel 2:20-23, and 1 Chronicles16:8-36. The reminder is that praise is a natural part of the Christian/Godly life!

Have you ever tried to write your own song of praise? It doesn’t even have to rhyme. But it’s always good to remember all the things that God has done for us and to thank Him for them. And the first thing that we can thank Him for is Jesus Christ!

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