2 Kings 4-8 (The Daily Walk Bible). Day 100!

Some random thoughts…

I kind of wonder if Naaman didn’t get healed until after the 7th dip. I suppose he could have been healed a little bit after each dip, but with his attitude I wonder if God let him stew until the very end!

There are always ministers who want to profit from their position (Gehazi).

Some think that Elisha lied to the Aramean’s in 2 Kings 6:19. Others believe that it was justified during a time of war. My question is, did he really lie? He wasn’t in the city, and he ended up revealing himself to them. I see the whole thing as quite humorous!

Why does the king want to kill Elisha in 2 Kings 6:31? Probably because of Elisha’s council earlier to send the army home. He blamed Elisha for the siege. In reality, God used it as another opportunity to reveal his power and glory.

Some may look at 2 Kings 8 and wonder if Elisha put it into Hazael’s head to seize power. In reality, God revealed to Elisha what was already in Hazael’s heart. I find 2 Kings 8:11 very sad and chilling: “Elisha started at Hazael with a fixed gaze until Hazael became uneasy. Then the man of God started weeping.”

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