We Must be Born Again!
1 Peter 1:3-7

I) We are Reminded that God is to be ____________!

     A) We have a subtle recognition of the _____________

II) Because He has Caused us to be ________ Again!

     A) We are Born Again Because of His _________

     B) We are Born Again to a Living __________

          1) If there is no ___________, then everything is 
             hopeless and meaningless

          2) Instead, the ___________ of the resurrection means 
             hope and life!

     C) We are Born Again to an ____________

          1) A _________________, pure, perpetual inheritance

          2) Which is kept and ___________ for us!

III) And we Rejoice Even in the Midst of ___________

     A) We will experience ____________

     B) But these trials will only last a _________ while

     C) And we will ________________!

     D) We will be refined like ___________!

     E) And we praise _______ for what he has done in/for us!

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