Faith Alone
Galatians 3:6-14

I) The Law is all About _______________

II) We Can’t be Made ________________ by the Works of the Law, Because we Can’t Keep All of It!

III) Christ Redeems us From the __________ of the Law

IV) The Righteous Were Always Made Righteous by _________

V) _______________ Became Righteous by Faith

VI) We are Abraham’s Spiritual Children if we _______________

VII) God Promised the Blessing of __________________ to All Who Believe

VIII) Those who Believe Receive the Promised Blessing of the ___________

IX) ______________ Considerations

     A) The importance of the substitutionary _________________

     B) ____________ is enough! 

          1) ___________ can never save

          2) In fact, it was all about __________ even in the 
             Old Testament

     C) We are all ___________ if we believe! (God’s people)

     D) The ____________ is a present reality within believers

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