2 Samuel 19-20 (The Daily Walk Bible).

From Tom Constable: “This section is a remarkable testimony to the power of forgiveness (cf. Matt. 6:12, 14–15; 18:21–22; Luke 7:47; 17:3). David had not forgiven Absalom, and perhaps the consequences of his lack of forgiveness encouraged him to take a different approach with his subjects after Absalom’s death. We see in David’s dealings with Amasa (vv. 11–15) that forgiveness wins over former enemies. We see in his dealings with Shimei (vv. 16–23) that forgiveness gives time for people to change. We see in his treatment of Mephibosheth and Ziba (vv. 24–30) that forgiveness placates irreconcilable adversaries. We see in his relations with Barzillai and Chimham (vv. 31–39) that forgiveness causes blessing to overflow on others. We see in the section revealing the final reactions of the Israelites and the Judahites (vv. 40–43) that forgiveness lays a strong foundation for the future.”

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