ACTS 16:6-34
MARCH 21, 2021 


While it can be easy to lose sight of God during difficult circumstances, we must remember that God is constantly working to bring about His good and glory. 

II.  God Changes Hearts and Minds. (vv. 11-15)

     a.	God changes Paul’s mind regarding the __________ of his 

     b.	God changes ________ heart to be open to Paul’s message. 

III. God Changes Ways. (vv. 16-24)
     a.	The _____________ life is forever changed. 

     b.	________ circumstance is the evidence of God’s change in 
        his life.

IV.  God Brings Joy (vv. 25-34) 

     a.	Paul and Silas have joy amid their __________ 

     b.	The __________ finds joy in his new relationship with the 

V.  Conclusion

God is in motion all around us, and He celebrates the work He is doing in our lives. Therefore, we have reason to be filled with joy and to be sharing what God is doing with others around us. 

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