Reflection Day!

It doesn’t get any better than what we had under LOOK AHEAD today. Here it is again!

“What a strange, upside-down world we live in when those receiving the greatest public applause and financial reward are those who can dunk a basketball, act in front of a camera, or sell a million albums-with no regard to their moral character or ethical conduct.

By contrast, those in line for God’s recognition and reward are those who “realize their need for him … are humble … are merciful … work for peace … [and] are persecuted for doing right” (Matthew 5:3-10). No, you’re not likely to see them in the spotlight this side of heaven. But when God hands out his “Well done, … good and faithful servant” awards (Matthew 25:21, 23), you can be sure there will be some surprises.

Incidentally, which type of recognition are you striving to receive?”

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