The Spirit is Essential
Galatians 3:1-6

I) Important __________________

     A) The ____________

     B) The change in ________ (atmosphere)

     C) The ________ (anatomy)

     D) The ______________

     E) The ____________

II) Paul reminds us to not be _______________!

     Knowing the _________ helps us to combat false teaching

III) Vividly remembering the __________ helps us to keep the faith!

IV) We need to recognize the ___________ work in our lives

     A) Faith brings ___________

     B) Because of salvation the Holy Spirit ___________ us

     C) This promise of the indwelling Spirit in the OT was apart 
        from ___________

V) Perseverance is a hallmark of true __________

     A) The Galatians expressed their faith in the midst of  

     B) Was it _______?

     C) True faith has to __________ because of the work of God’s 

     D) Turing away from the true gospel means that your faith 
        was ___________ from the beginning

VI) The Spirit works in our lives in response to our ongoing _________

     A) Faith brings ______________

     B) Faith brings spiritual __________

     C) Faith means that we’ll see God ________ in miraculous 

     D) The main issue being discussed is that of __________ vs 

     E) And Abraham becomes our ___________

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