Guidelines for Conflict and Restoration
Galatians 2:11-14
I) Paul’s independence and authority are shown by his ________ of Peter
II) He rebuked Peter because he gave up his freedom out of ________
      A) Peter understood that __________ laws and distinctions 
         had been done away with
      B) But it was a huge __________ for unbelieving and some 
         converted Jews
           1) There are __ things that are Jewish distinctives:
                i) ____________
                ii) _________________
                iii) _________ laws
      C) Peter is probably fearful because of the possibility of 
III) Peter’s __________ affected other people as well
IV) Paul’s concern continues to be for the truth of the _____________
      A) How does Peter’s _______________ affect the truth of the 
           1) Peter is certainly not teaching what the ________ 
              teachers are teaching
           2) But the unstated message affirms the teaching of 
              the “false brothers,” and seems to make the law 
              necessary for ________________
V) What does the passage ___________ us?
      A) ________ can be a problem no matter who we are
      B) We need to understand that our sin not only affects 
         others, but can cause them to _________ us in our sin
      C) We are called upon to encourage and _________ other 
           1) As Paul makes __________ elsewhere in Galatians
           2) Normally you would go ____________ before 
              escalating any encounter
           3) __________ do we do this?
                i) Issues regarding the truth of the __________
                ii) Issues involving basic Bible _____________
                iii) Issues involving severe ____________________
           4) Does Paul violate the Scriptural ______________?
                i) What Peter did was done publicly, so it had 
                   to be addressed _______________
      D) We should be mature enough to accept ______________ 

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