Paul’s Confidence in the Gospel
 Galatians 1:18-2:10
 I) What are the key _________ of Paul’s biography?
      A) 3 years after conversion he went to _________________
      B) Stayed with Peter ________ days
      C) Saw __________, the brother of the Lord
      D) Went back to _________ area
      E) The churches in Judea only know of him by ____________
      F) After _______ years he went back to Jerusalem, and took
          Barnabas and Titus with him
      G) Spoke to James, Peter, and John about the ___________
      H) Some false brothers tried to force _______ to be 
      I) Paul violently ____________ their teaching
      J) The other apostles supported him, but he didn’t 
      K) _________was recognized as the apostle to the 
      L) _______ was recognized as the apostle to the 
      M) They only asked that Paul remember the _________, which 
         he wanted to do as well
 II )What do we __________?
     A) We will always have to deal with __________      
     B) Paul’s comments ___________ us against Christian 
      C) We are reminded of the importance of being ___________ 
         and compassionate to those in need
         1) We are constantly called to care for the ______ and 
         2) But that care should still come with some 
      D) ___________ should always be defended 

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