The Atriumphal Entry
 Luke 19:28-44
 I) Jesus Once Again Reveals His ____________
 II) He came for a sacred ______________
 III) His choice of animal was ____________
      A) Not a military ____________
      B) There was a ____________
      C) It was a fulfillment of _____________
 IV) His Disciples Recognize His ______________
      A) They quote from _________ 118:26
      B) It was well __________
      C) But they made an _____________ change
      D) It may also be _____________
      E) They recognize His relationship with the ___________
      F) They spoke _________ than they knew
 V) The ____________ Object!
      A) They ask __________ to shut His disciples up
      B) Jesus makes an ________________ claim!
      C) Which affirms his ______________!
 VI) Jesus ____________ Over the Hardness of People’s Hearts
      A) God ____________ their hardness to continue

      B) ______________ is coming
      C) And it could have been ______________
 VII) The Fate Of Jerusalem Prefigures the ______________ of Unbelievers
      A) _________________
      B) _________________
      C) _________________ 

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