A Temperature Check
 Galatians 1:10-17
 I) The ____________ of the False Teachers
      A) Paul gets his ____________ from Jerusalem
      B) He is not _____________ what they are teaching
      C) Which seems to indicate that this all takes 
         place _____________ the Jerusalem council
 II) Paul’s _____________
 III) Paul’s __________________
      A) You know my former __________
      B) You know my former ___________
      C) But I was called and ________________
      D) And it was all a part of God’s ___________
      E) My calling was a ____________ call to the Gentiles
      F) After my call from God I was still ___________________!
 IV) What do we ____________?
      A) Conversion brings __________________!
      B) Now our lives should be about ______________ God
      C) This properly placed _________ should characterize our 
      D) And we should want to __________ about Jesus Christ with 

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