The Gospel of Grace and Peace
 Galatians 1:1-5
 I) Paul’s ________ Story
 II) The Uniqueness of the ___________
      A) Apostles had seen the risen __________
      B) Apostles display the “__________ of an apostle”
 III) The Uniqueness of ___________ Apostleship
      A) He received his commission from __________
      B) But it was a ____________ commission
      C) And this is a __________ that Paul will return to in the 
 IV) Paul’s Continuing _________ for the Churches he Planted 
      A) Wrote to the Galatians to instruct them about the   
      B) Paul also indirectly teaches them about the __________
 V) The Proclamation of Salvation Causes Paul to ___________ 
 VI) Are There Some ____________ for us Here? 
      A) Whenever we think about God and what he has done for us 
         we should __________
      B) Grace and __________ are qualities we should display in 
         our lives
      C) We need to ___________ the gospel! 

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