Exodus 1-2.

Did you read the introduction to the book of Exodus? If so, you may remember the topics suggested for the book. I thought that one in particular was thought provoking. Exodus can be divided into two parts: 1) Getting Israel out of Egypt, and 2) Getting Egypt out of Israel. How true of our Christian walk as well! Yes, when we are saved God’s Spirit resides in us. He comforts, encourages, convicts, guides, and helps us to feel God’s presence, peace, joy, and love. But we can resist. So, even though we have started our journey with God, we still have have to get the world out of the Christian! It’s not an automatic experience.

I was at a conference where a well known Christian pastor was asked a question: “Why doesn’t God sanctify us (make us like Christ), the moment he saves us?” I believe that his answer is correct. God allows us to struggle to be like Christ, because somehow He is glorified in the struggle. There may be another piece to it as well. We fight the world and it’s influence in us, we struggle, we fail, and we long for Jesus to return, so that we can be fully changed! This world is not our home, and I believe that our struggle helps us to long for the world that is our home.

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