When does life start?
Exodus 21:22-23
I) The Bible Identifies the Unborn as ______________
II) In the Bible, Personal History Begins at ____________, not Birth
III) The Bible Recognizes the Preciousness of the _______________ Child
IV) The Early ____________ Recognizes the Preciousness of Babies (born and unborn)
      A) Acts 15:19-20 may be a _________________ against 
      B) Which may explain the ______________ in the early 
         Christian writings
V) What does this mean for us as __________________?
      A) We should recognize that _______ – even unborn life – is 
      B) We should be able to __________ truthfully and 
         authoritatively about pro-life issues
      C) We need to be ________________
      D) We should do all that we can to help those facing the 
         difficulties surrounding the __________ for life
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