Jesus Gives us the Victory!
 Colossians 2:11-15
 I) Jesus Takes Away Our __________________
      A) The ________ condemned us (14)
      B) Jesus _________ us
 II) We are ______________
      A) Forgiven our ____________ (13)
      B) Removed our _______ (11)
 III) We Have Been Given New __________
      A) We were ________ (13)
      B) Now we are ____________!
 IV) Our __________ Have Been Changed
      A) Christianity is not about the ___________
      B) __________ predicted a time when this would be a 
         wholesale change
      C) ____________ becomes a symbol of that change
 V) And Jesus Has Given Us Victory!
      A) There are _____________ ways of understanding the 
           1) An inadequate understanding is the “________ 
              influence” view
           2) The best view is the “________ substitution” view
           3) A complementary understanding is the “Christus 
              __________” view
                i) Mankind has been __________from all the evil 
                   powers that have held him in bondage
                     a) __________
                     b) __________
                     c) __________
                ii) And because of the victory we have _________! 

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