The Importance of Wisdom
 Ecclesiastes 9:11-11:6
 I) Bad things can happen to anyone at anytime, which is why we  
 need to use ___________!
 II) Wisdom is better than ________________
 III) The danger of ___________
 IV) Wisdom should guide in the political realm
      A) Don’t answer anger with ___________
      B) Appoint people who are _______________
 V) Wisdom should guide ________________
      A) Be careful, because your _________ may depend upon it!
      B) Work smarter, not ____________!
      C) Don’t be in too much of a _____________!
 VI) Wisdom should guide ____________
      A) Be ____________ what you say
      B) Don’t __________ too much, especially about things you 
         don’t know!
 VII) _____________ comes when a land is ruled by wisdom
 VIII) Wisdom should guide ________________ life
      A) Laziness causes ______________
      B) Be careful what you say about _________________
      C) Be _______________
      D) Use every opportunity for ____________
           1) We can know the laws of nature
           2) And they can paralyze us!
           3) We can’t control ________________
           4) So we work hard and _________!

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