A Christian Response to Government
 Ecclesiastes 8:2-15
 I) We are to ___________ the government
      A) _________ the kings command (2)
      B) The king has the authority to __________ wrongdoing 
      C) Which is why the _______ obey (5-6)
 II) But there are times when government is ____________
 III) We need to _________ that God has it under control
      A) Some things cause us to _________
      B) We should remember what is normally ________
      C) What helps us to ________?
 IV) How does a ____________ respond in a democracy?
      A) Obey the ________
      B) Pay ________
      C) Are there times when we don’t _________?
           1) When we are told not to ___________
           2) When we are told not to ___________
 V) What do we do if there are other Biblical _________ that we are told not to speak about?
      A) We can deem certain issues as non-essential and 
         _________ speaking about them
      B) We could continue speaking out and suffer the 
      C) We may end up going _________

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