God’s Gifts Should Bring Joy
Ecclesiastes 5:1-20
I) Be in _______ of God and keep our word to Him
     The OT gives instructions for _______
     But people were always trying to get ______ of them
     The passage is a reminder that we need to keep our ________ 
     to God and not make rash promises to Him
     There is also a reminder here of the importance of 
     ______________ to God
II) Because ___________ is not the most important thing in life
     The only one who seems to benefit from riches 
     is the ___________!
     Wealth doesn’t _________
     Wealth brings _____________
     You ____________ take it with you!
III) So be ___________ and rejoice with what we have, because it is a gift from God
     __________ comes from acknowledging God and having a 
     relationship with Him
          God has the times in his hands, so death shouldn’t make 
          us _________
          God has set up the harvest, so we should enjoy ________
          God’s _________ in life are there for us to enjoy them 
          (rich or poor)

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