Why Study Ecclesiastes?

I) It was written by the ________________ man to ever live

     A) The author claims to be a son of David, king in 

     B) The author shares life experiences that are 
        ________________ to Solomon’s

     C) The author displays the ________________ and teaching 
        ability that was given to Solomon

II) It teaches a life lesson that comes from years of ________________

     (Think of it as a sign of ________________)

III) It was written as a ________________ of what is important in life

     A) “Most ________________ book in the Bible.”

     B) “How to ________________ the emptiness in life.”

     C) Read on the third day of the Feast of ________________

          1) Celebrated the ________________ harvest

          2) The Israelites stayed in ________________ to 
             remember their flight from Egypt

          3) They read the ________________

          4) Every seventh year there was supposed to be a 
             release of ________________

          5) Deut 16:13 “you shall ________________ in your 

IV It was written as a ________________ text to take wisdom to the nations

     A) Perhaps the book was written with a ________________ 

     B) Solomon’s ________________ was known in the surrounding 

     C) This may be Solomon’s attempt to bring his God given 
        wisdom to the surrounding ________________

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