The Blessing of Salvation (Luke 24:36-53)

I) The Blessing of a ______________

   A) The ______________ are still muddled

   B) Jesus shows them his flesh and the marks of the 

   C) And they still aren’t ______________

   D) So Jesus _______ for them!

   E) Luke includes this to refute what will become ________ 

   F) If Jesus came in flesh, then the flesh can’t all be 

   G) It just needs to be _____________ along with the rest of 

II) The Blessing of a ______________!

III) The Blessing of God’s ___________

   A) The __________

      1) Jesus would ___________

      2) Jesus would _________

   B) The __________

      1) The ____________

      2) The __________

      3) The __________

      4) The __________

   C) How are we _______________?

IV) The Blessing of the Holy _____________

   A) We see this fulfilled in __________

   B) Without the Spirit we couldn’t believe in or share the 

   C) The Holy Spirit helps us to understand _______________

   D) The Holy Spirit helps us to live better, happier _________

V) A Recognition of Jesus’ Blessing Should Bring us _______

   A) How are we __________?

   B) We should respond with _________!

   C) We should respond with worship and __________!

   D) We see that Luke has accomplished his ______________

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