A Picture of Evangelism
Luke 24:13-35
I) Jesus Shows us how to Approach People About Issues of _________
II) They Show an Interest in _______________ Matters
III) Jesus Reveals the ___________ of God to Them
IV) Jesus _______________ Their Spiritual Interest
V) The ______________ Fully Enlightens Them
VI) They Can’t Wait to __________ their Experience with Others
VII) ______________
     A) _________ often reminds us that it’s not about power, 
        prestige, or position
     B) We see the _________________ of God on display
     C) We see the importance of the _____________ in witnessing
     D) We understand that the Old Testament is a __________ part 
        of our faith
     E) We see the role that the Holy Spirit plays in 
     F) We get a picture of how _______________ works

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