The Resurrection Changes Everything!!!
Luke 24:1-12
I) We see that _____________ is alive and well throughout history!
     A) The women were coming to complete the ___________
     B) The disciples didn’t believe the __________
     C) _________ ran to see (with John) and left 
     D) Because the message of the cross is ____________, even to 
        the disciples!
     E) Which is why we all need the Holy Spirit to open our 
II) We recognize the need to live out God’s __________ in our lives!
     A) The ____________ remind and rebuke the women!
     B) Jesus continually pointed out that he was serving 
        ________ and following Him
     C) How do we __________ God?
          1) By our _______________
          2) Which is shown by our _______________
          3) And our actions toward _____________
          4) And by sharing our ___________
III) We understand that, as Christians, we believe in the resurrection, not ________________!
IV) We affirm that Jesus is __________!
     A) __________ is used in the gospels, but could often be 
        considered as “Sir” or “Master/Leader”
     B) Only see it as a title _________ in the gospels
     C) Then we see it 102 times in the other __________!
     D) “Lord Jesus” clearly implies respect and ____________
     E) But is means__________, as the disciples understood after 
        the resurrection

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