Honoring God
Luke 23:50-56

I) Who is ____________?

     A) From ______________
     B) ___________ (Matthew 27:57)
     C) Member of the ______________

II) Why did he ________ for Jesus?

     A) What would ___________ happen?
     B) What ___________ happen?
     C) What ________ happen?
     D) He did it as a last act of love and _____________

III) Why are the ______________ mentioned?

     A) From ____________, so it means they have been following
        him for awhile
     B) They are going the _____________ the burial process
     C) They become the first _______________

IV) Nobody expected the _____________________!

V) What do we _____________?

     A) Honoring God/Jesus should be our __________

          1) Joseph’s honor of Jesus is ____________
          2) Women’s honor of Jesus seems _____________
          3) All honor God by keeping the _____________
          4) How do we ____________ God?
     B) God’s Word reveals God’s _________ to us

     C) The honesty of the gospel accounts can help us __________
        the faith!

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