A Matter of Trust!
Luke 23:44-49

I) The Darkness Signifies ________________

II) The Temple Curtain Signifies a ________________ Era

III) Jesus’ Words Indicate His Intimate ________________ With the Father

     A) Father is Jesus’ ____________ term for God 

     B) Why did Jesus call God ___________? 

          1) Indicates ________ 

          2) Indicates ________________ 

          3) Indicates ______________ 

     C) Jesus’ use of “Father” shows His continuing ___________

IV) Jesus’ Words Teach us the Importance of ________________

V) The People’s Reactions Reveal the ________________ of the Crucifixion

VI) Jesus Wasn’t the Only One in ________________

VII) What do we ________________?

     A) Jesus’ death and resurrection usher in a new ________! 

     B) God is our Father and we can ________ Him with life and 

     C) It’s the __________, the Bible, the Bible! 

     D) The way we respond to suffering and trials is a 
        __________ to those around us

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