Jesus Practiced What He Preached
Luke 23:26-34

I) We have a foreshadowing of the horror yet to come against ____________ 

II) We see a foreshadowing of the horror that will come against _____________

     A) Don’t _________ for me 

          1) Because the ___________ will bring horror for them 

          2) It’s a complete reversal of what we normally find 
             for __________ in the Bible 
          3) Jesus quotes from ____________ 10:8 to signify the 
             horror of the time 
     B) “For if they do these things when the wood is __________, 
        what will happen when it is dry?”

III) The horror against Jesus ____________

IV) Jesus ______________ the horror

     A) Jesus’ words show us that He __________ what He taught 

     B) Jesus’ words show us that our _____________ need is 

     C) Jesus’ words teach us that we need to forgive __________ 

          1) We are to _____________ those who ask 

          2) We normally think that a relationship is 
             _______________ at this point 

          3) But what if repentance is ___________? 

          4) And what about _____________ for a wrong? 

D) We need to be ready to forgive those who __________ ask 

     1) We should do what we can to _____________ forgiveness 

     2) We shouldn’t harbor bitterness or ___________ 

     3) We try to do ___________ to those who seek us harm 

     E) Forgiveness doesn’t negate ______________ 

          The _____________ teaches us that

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