A Willing Sacrifice
Luke 22:63-71
I) Jesus’ Prediction _________________
II) Jesus __________________ His Sacrifice
     A) During His ____________

     B) During His ____________
         – The assembly of elders is the ______________

         – They ask if He is the ____________

         – The first part of Jesus’ reply seems __________

         – But the second part is ____________!

         – Why does the council immediately ask Jesus if he is 
           the ________ of God?

         – Jesus ______________ replies that He is indeed the 
           Messiah, the Son of Man and the Son of God!

         – Which they are more than happy to ____________

         – Was His trial ___________?

III) How should we respond?

      A) We see the enormity of God’s __________!

      B) What are we willing to ________ for God and His kingdom?

         – _______________?

         – Loss of _____________?

         – Loss of ______________?

         – Loss of ___________?

         – Surrender of __________?

         – Prison? Torture? Death?

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