Could we do the same?
Luke 22:47-53

I) The enormity of the ________________

     A) Why so many ______________?

     B) Luke seems ___________ that Judas could do this!

     C) Judas turns a sign of ___________ into a sign of 

     D) But is there __________ to it than that?

          1) I think that it goes back to the _____________

          2) If Satan is possessing Judas at this point, I 
             believe that he’s there to ___________

II) And Jesus __________ the betrayal because it is all a part of God’s plan

     It all is happening for a ____________

III) _________________ wasn’t only a problem then!

     A) Darkness is used to symbolize rebellion and

     B) Darkness also symbolizes demonic ______________

     C) Darkness can also be used to symbolize an 
        ___________ without God

IV) Why do we find Judas’ betrayal so ________________?

     A) We may have experienced the same type 
        of _____________

     B) We feel like ________. How could one of the 
        disciples do this?

     C) We may worry that there is a little bit of 
        _________ in us…

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