Lessons from Jesus Praying in the Garden
Luke 22:39-46
I) Jesus’ prayer teaches us the ____________ of prayer
   A) He goes to the Mount of ________
   B) He goes to _______
   C) But He is _______!
   D)  He is also ________!
   E)  If _________ felt the need to pray, how much more do we need to pray?
II) Prayer helps us to be ready when we are ____________
   A) When we pray we acknowledge our ________
   B) When we pray we acknowledge God’s _______
   C) When we pray we are asking for _________
III) Jesus shows us that prayers should be ___________ and submissive
   A) Jesus was absolutely open and honest about what he was __________
   B) Jesus was also ______________, willing to accept God the Father’s plan for Him
IV) Prayer brings __________
   A) Jesus did teach that we are to_______________ in prayer
   B) And Paul reminds us of the ___________ that can come through prayer
V) Prayer can be _________
   A) The disciples were _______________
   B) Luke suggests that they are _______________ exhausted
   C) What can ___________ our prayer lives?
       1) ______________, mental, and emotional distress can affect our prayer lives
       2) __________________
       3) Not recognizing our _______________
       4) Not realizing the ________________ we are in

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