Failure is Always an Option!
Luke 22:31-38

I) Testing has a ___________________

  A) What is a ________?

  B) Peter is told Satan wants to “____________” the disciples

  C) _____________ refines, purifies, or gets rid of the bad 

II) Which is why God ________________ it

  A) This episode should remind us of __________

  B) Satan (“adversary”) does want God’s people to __________

  C) But not every test is directly from _____________

III) Even Though we Will _______________

  A) Ironically, __________ is correct!

  B) Peter ends us denying that he knows ____________

  C) ______________ is not enough

IV) When we Fail, ______________________ Brings Restoration

  A) Peter will ____________!

  B) And will be able to help his fellow _______________

  C) Which is another reason we experience _______________

V) Our Relationship with Jesus Guarantees ______________

  A) At one point in time the disciples were able to count on _______________

  B) ________________ have changed!

  C) Increasing ______________ and hostility will affect how the disciples are treated

VI) Which is why _______________ is Praying for Us

  A) Jesus _________ for all of us in the Garden of Gethsemane

  B) Jesus _______________ to pray for us now

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