How to be a Disciple

Luke 22:24-30

I) The Danger of _____________
     Pride leads to dissension, disharmony, and a lack of humility
II) An ___________ of Pride
III) Jesus Calls His Disciples to Humility and ______________
     A) They are to be different from other _____________
     B) And they are not supposed to ___________ anything in return!
IV) __________ is the Greatest Example of Service and Humility
     A) One way he showed service and humility was ____________ the last supper
     B) The _____________ may be the best example of service and humility!
     C) But the entire ___________ is an example of how we should all live lives of service and humility
V) Disciples who are Faithful will be _______________
     A) Jesus disciples __________with him
     B) The disciples will __________ with Jesus as a reward for their faithfulness
     C) Is this ___________ only for them, a select few other disciples, or for all believers?

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