Being Calm in the Midst of the Storm
Luke 22:7-23

I) We Have a Reason for ______________

     A) Jesus exhibits trust in the __________

     B) The ____________ exhibit trust in Jesus

     C) Trust brings _____________

          1) Trust that ________ has a purpose and a plan

          2) Trust in His _____________

          3) Trust in His ___________

II) We have a reason to _______________

     A) A meal of remembrance for the _____________ people

     B) A time of remembrance for _____________

          1) A ______________

          2) His broken body represents His ______________

          3) Shedding His blood represents _______________

          4) His broken body can also represent His sacrificial __________

          5) And the shedding of His blood represents the new ____________!

III) We have a reason for hope in the midst of chaos a confusion

     A) The kingdom of God ________ come!

     B) The kingdom of God ________ come!

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