A Radical Response to Grace
Luke 7:36-8:3

I) The woman dares to ____________ Jesus

A) At Simon’s, a ______________

B) ________ does he invite Jesus?

C) A “__________” comes in

II) She reveals her _________ by coming to Jesus

A) ________ here and now?

B) Jesus __________ her faith by His parable

C) She comes because she has ____________

III) Simon doubts Jesus because of His ___________

A) Simon can’t believe that the woman is __________ Jesus

B) Simon can’t believe that _________ is letting her!

C) Jesus shows His ___________

IV) The people wonder about Jesus because of His ____________

A) Jesus ___________ sin

B) Only ________ can forgive sin!

V) Jesus teaches the true nature of ____________

A) Starts with _________

B) Faith brings ________________

C) Faith and forgiveness ___________ lives

VI) The women show the natural ___________ to grace

A) Jesus __________ all kinds of people

B) All showed their love by their _____________

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