Dealing with Doubt
Luke 7:18-28

I) John’s _______________ reversal

II) ________________ explanations

     A) Perhaps John didn’t understand his own ________________

     B) John may be having serious ____________ about Jesus

     C) We do see other ____________ in Scripture

          1) _________________

          2) _________________

          3) _________________

III) Why would John _____________?

     A) John had just heard about Jesus’ _______________

     B) Which was different than what John ____________

     C) John was also in ____________

     D) Is John asking, “What about ___________?”

     E) What causes us to doubt ____________?

     F) Pain and _______________ top the list

IV) What counters ____________?

     A) How does ___________ answer John?

     B) He does what _____________ says

     C) And _______________ them of it!

     D) And then He challenges ___________!

     E) The Word of God counters doubt and grows _____________

V) Momentary doubt doesn’t ______________

     A) Jesus ___________ John

     B) He was __________ than a prophet

     C) But we are _______________ than John!

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